Patience is a virtue…

Children must leave behind a special kind of patience in their mothers when they are born. I do not possess much patience naturally. I never have. Yet somehow I am finding the patience to let Pinky attempt to put her own shoes and clothes on. I’m finding ways to accept that it takes 20-30 minutes to get out of the house but also ensuring it doesn’t take any longer than that. I find ways to remain calm when Perky fills her nappy just as I’m about to walk out of the door. The energy to read the same book over and over comes from the depths of my mummy patience.

I don’t know where this patience comes from. The only explanation I have is that the girls gave me some before they were born. It’s a good thing they did because it seems to reduce in potency with each Pinky tantrum and each time she uses her ‘whiney’ voice. But it’s nothing a night of sleep can’t refuel…. I’m sure I’ll get one soon. But in the mean time cuddles help. Not the ‘comfort cuddles’ that come with the tantrums. The cuddles for cuddles sake. And kisses. The best stress relief for me is when Pinky and Perky sit and laugh together, usually at nothing at all. Patience levels are definitely restored after that!

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