Peppa Pig how are you so popular?

So it occurred to me lately that although I really don’t mind how much ‘screen time’ the girls have I do care about the content.

I spent much of my childhood sat in front of Disney films according to my mother but if I’m honest i don’t remember it being as constant as she tells me. Yes I can quote most of the films word for word from beginning to end (not a very useful talent) but what I remember is playing in the park, on my bike, playing badminton with my brothers on the green opposite our house.  And if what my mum says is true (which I don’t doubt) nothing she said or did would have stopped me watching a Disney film anyway.  I don’t think it did me any harm so I’m not concerned. We still go out for walks, to the park, Pinky has a bike and scooter she practices using.

But the other month Peppa Pig was on…. I actually started to listen to the content, as unlike Disney, I’m not all that familiar with Peppa.  Well that changed things a little. That is one stuck up, obnoxious, rude, ungrateful little Pig! Daddy Pig is a total pushover, Mummy Pig must be on some form of meds to get through the day and George should surely have more words than just ‘Dinosaur’ by now? Is no-one concerned? Peppa seems to lose friends every episode due to her rudeness and then apparently a ‘Sorry’ makes everything ok. Sometimes sorry isn’t enough! Just don’t be a self centred dick in the first place. Seriously! How has this Pig managed to worm her way into our childrens hearts? We can not surely be the only parents that feel this way? So now ‘Peppa the fucking Pig’ (as Hubby calls it) is banned in our house. We’re sticking with Disney & CBeebies.

Now I know Disney has its flaws too. I’m not totally ignorant but there are good life lessons to be found within. As the girls get older I can help them see it isn’t all about being a princess and finding your Prince Charming, because lets face it…. That just doesn’t happen in the real world.

Cinderella… Seriously grow a fucking backbone love! You don’t need a man or a fairy godmother to get you out of an emotionally abusive situation. I’m yet to see any of that inner courage her parents wanted her to have but as a plus she is kind. Kind to a fault perhaps but kind to all living creatures and always polite. Good lessons in there.

Belle…. Ok so there some arguments here that she is the product of Stockholm Syndrome… not ideal. But there is another angle… Maybe she can see the inner beauty of a person, looks aren’t everything.  Some people can be beastly for underly psychological reasons, perhaps there is more to someone than meets the eye. Being the bookworm Belle is she knows better than to judge a book by its cover. Good life lessons in there.

Jasmine…. She is a bit rude, well sometimes a lot rude. But she is strong minded, unafraid of her own opinions and knows money and status doesn’t buy you love or happiness.

Mulan… She uses lies and deception to get what she wants but she does do it for the honour of her family. Does that make it ok? No not at all. However she shows us that women can do whatever they want. This is important to me at the moment as Pinky claims she can play football because she is a girl. I think we are lucky that society is starting to see past gender. I don’t believe women should suddenly be allowed to whatever they want in the interest of feminism. What i do believe, and what I think Mulan shows, is that anything is achievable by anyone if they give a high level of dedication and hard work to the task. Gender is irrelevant if you put in the effort.

Ariel… I don’t know where I stand with Ariel.  Obviously she is a favourite as she is a mermaid.  However, she gives up her fins for Prince Eric.  I am trying to find a good slant on this one. Does she compromise? Or does she change for him? What does he compromise for her? Does she do this for herself or for him? Or a healthy mix of both? So unsure…

Obviously I could waffle on all day but I think you get my point. Maybe I should ration the girls screen time more but I am not very likely to. So all the while I can have a vague say in what they watch I want them watching things that can help me show them why we should be polite, kind and non judgemental. I will do the best I can to help them see that their actions and words have consequences, both good and bad. That sometimes ‘sorry’ isn’t enough when they know they shouldn’t have done it in the first place. So for that reason as far as I’m concerned Peppa Pig can fuck off.

Mummy x

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