My Pink Summer Lookbook

My Pink Summer Lookbook. A selection of my favourite pink womens fashion items for this summer.

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This summer we are all off to Turkey for our summer holiday, in the middle of July! I don’t doubt for a moment that it is going to be hot, hot, hot! In preparation for the holiday I have put together a little lookbook of inspiration for all the things I want need to buy. I have never considered myself much of a fashionista but truth be told I am much more ‘into it’ than I let on. I have been known to read vogue in the past and enjoyed it! And yes, you can actually read Vogue. This years colour is fuchsia. I have not strictly stuck to that mostly because it is a little powerful. Also anyone that knew me pre kids will know that I used to despise pink so embracing it like this is a huge deal for me. Since having two pink obsessed daughters I have mellowed my opinion on the colour and now findI actually really quite like it. I feel like I am suffering from Stockholm Syndrome for the colour pink.

The Lookbook

So here is my lookbook…. Hubby this is more than a subtle hint, ok?!


This one shoulder top is just gorgeous and would jazz up any denim trouser or shorts.


The first dress I have chosen is a layered dress from Wallis. I couldn’t scroll past this one. The different layers give it so much movement even before you put it on and the pattern is just beautiful! (I love a floral pattern).

The second dress is a skater dress from Ted Baker. Full disclosure for Hubby… I actually already own this dress in royal blue. I wore it to Royal Ascot last year so I know this will be perfect for going to dinner in the evenings when a certain dress code is required. I love this dress already so having it in pink too is very appealing!


I understand not everyone would want to wear a bikini. Mum tum is a real issue and not all of us have embraced our stretch marks as much as others. However I am comfortable in a bikini on holiday. Although I would be very unlikely to wear one to our local pool, holiday is a different matter. This bikini by Chiemsee may also not be to everyones taste due to the lack of support but whilst some women are in the ‘droopy’ camp, I am in the pancake camp. You all know what I am talking about ladies.


I love a skirt as a nice alternative to shorts or trousers on holiday. This white skirt by Precis looks so light and floaty but structured enough not to expose my delicates in a sea breeze. I worry from experience. (Ok I know it isn’t pink but it goes so well with everything else!)

Flip Flops

I am in love with these flip flops by Zaxy. The plastic does look a little uncomfortable but I already have a beige pair by Kurt Geiger and they are actually some of the most comfortable flip flops i have ever had.


I live in shorts when it is hot. These pale pink shorts by Wåven are so light and look extremely comfortable. The pink is light enough not to clash with any other colours it was paired with.


Unfortunately for Hubby I am a sucker for expensive sunglasses! Currently my go to pair are a £10 set from H&M but that is only because my Versace are a little too scratched (yes I am that person and no I am not proud of it). I found these sunglasses by Ray Ban and to be honest I am in love. The unsubtle whinging will not stop until I own them.

Beach Bag

So technically this bag by Urban Outfitters is a tote bag but it is just perfect for a beach bag. I am a little paranoid that our bags will be stolen if we go for a swim and leave them unattended. I don’t know why, it has never happened to me before *touches wood and all other superstitious things so I haven’t jinxed it*. Therefore I like to have a clear beach bag to show that we don’t have anything valuable in it.

My Pink Summer Lookbook. A selection of my favourite pink womens fashion items for this summer.



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