Pinky & Perky

When I started this blog about 18 months ago Hubby and I spoke about it at length. He was very supportive and helped me set it all up; he is the technical one of the relationship. At the time we felt is was appropriate to use pseudonyms for the girls and after a few discussions we settled on using Pinky and Perky. We would refer to them by those names anyway when talking between ourselves. Pinky did in fact love pink; if anything could come in pink she would want it in pink. Perky was a perky child; she always smiled, almost never cried and was a huge joy to be around.

This year I plan on taking a few things with the blog, and our lives in general, to the next level, or the next level for me at least. With that in mind both Hubby and I have agreed it is time we lost the pseudonyms. A few things have changed professionally for both of us this past year and it no longer seems as important to hide their names.

This is also coinciding with changes in the girls. Pinky now likes blue, red, gold, white and pink. So she reliably informs me. Perky is heading face first in the terrible twos and although she is still a joy to play with and very smiley she is far from the perky baby she once was. The names no longer suit them as much as they once did and I am struggling to continue to refer to them as Pinky and Perky all the time as a result.

So without further waffle here they are Pinky is Ellie.

Perky is Trixie.

Of course these names in themselves are nicknames. They both have longer names, which we chose with the specific purpose of shortening. This is an alien concept for some parents I know but we both have names that cannot be shortened or realistically modified and yet people always do. It is something that has always bothered me and Hubby.   We love their full names too, we chose them for a reason that I will probably discuss in a different post at a later date, but a huge consideration was how they could be shortened either by us or by other people in the future. If, as they get older, they want to be called by their full names or a different derivative then that is absolutely fine with us, I think each name has three or four possible alternatives plus their middle names.

I am proud of the names we chose and I am happy to be able to shout them from the rooftops.


    1. Hahahaha! No I don’t think so, it was just something my Hubby has always called them. We like that show thought so there may be a little subliminal messaging going on there 😉

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