The Positive Effects of a School Trip During the Holidays

The Positive Effects of a School Trip During the Holidays

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Taking a school trip during the holidays seems like a silly thing. After all, the holiday should be for relaxing and unwinding after a difficult school year, so why should you focus on learning more when schools are closed? There are plenty of benefits to taking a study-focused trip during the holidays, and while it can be fairly expensive to go on a holiday during this busy time, there are plenty of positive effects to be had to make it worth every penny.

In order to convince you to take your children and their friends on a school trip, here are a few fantastic advantages.

The Positive Effects of a School Trip During the Holidays

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Building new friendships and strengthening old ones

When children head out with their friends in unfamiliar territory, they instinctively bond together and team up to get through it. Whether it’s visiting another country or just taking a trip down to the local museum, they’ll be able to socialise together, learn together, and even meet new people to interact with. Socialising is an important part of any child’s growth, and that’s what makes school trips during the holidays such a fantastic activity. There are usually lots of children roaming around on holiday with their parents, and there are many group activities that will convince your child to interact with kids they haven’t met before and also strengthen the bond they have with their classmates.

Learning about new cultures and traditions to expand knowledge

Teaching your child about another country’s cultures or traditions is a fantastic way to expand their view of the world. They’ll quickly realise how unique and diverse the world is, and how many strange and wonderful locations there are to explore. Once your children realise they’re just a small speck in the world, it’ll make them appreciate every little thing that much more. Not only does the experience teach them about the diversity in the world, it also teaches them to respect different cultures and open their minds to everything around them. Acceptance is something that a lot of people still don’t have, but with an eye-opening school trip holiday to another country, your children will quickly learn what it means to be part of such a large and unique planet. You can either introduce them to cultures that are similar to their own or go to the complete opposite side of the world where the customs and personalities of people are completely different.

The Positive Effects of a School Trip During the Holidays

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Inspiring children to act, dream and think

Another wonderful advantage of taking your children on school trips during the holiday is to motivate them to do something new. With so much knowledge out there and so many beautiful sights and sounds to explore, your children are just waiting to be inspired by the world. Whether it’s seeing an exotic animal for the first time, realising how large the world is or even sampling delicious food from all over the world, your children will be inspired to dream big, act on the knowledge they’ve built, and think about the world and contemplate their future. It’s an eye-opening experience not just for your children, but also for you. To help your children record their thoughts, give them a camera or allow them to use a smartphone to take pictures and record videos of their travels. When you return home, upload those videos to social media or keep them on your child’s computer or phone so they can use their memories as a source of inspiration for years to come.

Keeping their minds stimulated during a holiday season

Holidays are sometimes filled with fun and game but nothing else. While holidays are definitely a time to relax, that doesn’t mean your children should turn into couch potatoes playing video games and watching cartoons all day. Get them out and help them exercise and learn new things. Teach them the joys of learning a new skill and show them that travelling can be fun, even if it’s just down to the local park with their friends to play some sports or a journey to the nearest science museum to show them something new and wonderful. Keep their minds stimulated by challenging them. Teach them new things by taking them on a school trip and testing them about their knowledge. Ask them if they know the landmarks they’re seeing, ask them if they remember the names of specific objects and areas, and don’t forget to reward them as well for their hard work and knowledge.

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An opportunity to mix learning with fun

Most children dislike learning because they associate it with sitting in a boring classroom listening to a dull teacher drone on about textbooks and assignments. Learning can be fun, but it’s important to mask it. Don’t use words such as “study” or “reading” because they’re going to be associated with the classroom. You want the school trip to feel like a mini-holiday instead of another stressful lesson where they sit in a chair and read from a book. Allow them to interact with the environment, spark some curiosity, and tell them wonderful things about the places you visit so they can marvel at the wonder of the world. The better you are at hiding the learning, the more you child will discover and the more fun they will have as they pick up new things and study the world around them. The key here is to focus on their curiosity instead of listing useless facts they probably won’t remember.

The excitement of travel

And lastly, it’s a reason to travel. Travel always excites children because they’re going to a new place that they haven’t seen before. Children are naturally curious, so it’s important to continue feeding that curiosity by exciting them about your upcoming holiday plans. It’s even more fun when the entire family can go, and you can add more joy when you tell them their friends are also invited. However, keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for any other children that come along, so don’t take it lightly and ensure you have the resources and help to handle taking a group of children with you.

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