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New Years resolutions are not for me so instead I come up with a word for the year. This year my word of the year is 'positivity'.

I guess it is hard not to jump on the New Year New Me bandwagon but usually I do very well at avoiding it. New Years resolutions are not for me. They always seem destined to fail and I will always find a reason to start them ‘tomorrow’. So instead I come up with a word for the year. Something to concentrate on and something to build on during the whole year. This year my word of the year is ‘positivity’.

New Years resolutions are not for me so instead I come up with a word for the year. This year my word of the year is 'positivity'.

Last Years Word

Last year my word was “Bold”. I was struggling with low confidence and life felt quite turbulent, with things that I couldn’t control or influence. Ironically much like this year…. But part of my plan to combat that was to do things that put me out of my comfort zone but that I was in control of. I boosted my blog and streamlined what I wrote about and when. I started YouTube and although I didn’t quite get it how I want it, I am happy and now have a much more structured plan for it. On top of that I increased the amount my face showed up on Instagram and I made that platform a positive place for me to be rather than a depressing one.

Why Positivity…

This year it felt appropriate for my word of the year to be positivity. I am not a naturally positive person. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a negative person I can be on the negative side of realism. This is what I want to change or at least mellow. I want to be able to see the Silver Lining of a situation and to be able to focus on that and not the other stuff of any given situation.

New Years resolutions are not for me so instead I come up with a word for the year. This year my word of the year is 'positivity'.

2017; A Year To Forget

If I am being honest the 2017 is a year for us to forget. As a family we started the year with high hopes but these were quickly and constantly dashed. Days, weeks and even months were lived on the edge: caused by events completely outside of our control. Life changed with Ellie starting school and it effected us in ways I didn’t imagine possible. The thing that bothers me about it all is that I let these things stress me out and make me miserable. I couldn’t change it and whilst these were not trials that you can easily embrace there were things that happened in 2017 that I should concentrate more on. Yes Ellie started school and we all found it extremely hard. But she settled. More than that; she blossomed. She is happy and therefore so are we. The girls bond as sisters has continued to grow. Hubby and I are closer than ever and that has been something we have been able to boast year on year so I guess we must be doing something right and perhaps he doesn’t irritate me as much as I think. Only perhaps though.

New Years resolutions are not for me so instead I come up with a word for the year. This year my word of the year is 'positivity'.

2018 Will Be Far From Positive

We already know 2018 is going to be a tough year in our house for various reasons so this year seemed to be the perfect one to try and change my thought processes and to really concentrate on the positives in our lives. Times may be hard but good things are and should be coming. Hubby has started a longer commute. In many ways this is a bad thing but with it comes the positivity of a new start. Trixie will start preschool in September which she is so ready for and I really wish they would take her earlier. Ellie is already starting to show what a lovely young lady she is turning into and I can’t wait to continue seeing this development as she enters her fifth year in our lives. I myself have plans for my hobbies and interests and with the promise of 15 hours a week to myself come September I have an end goal in sight.

To help start the year off well I am doing Veganuary. Ok, I am cheating a little and only doing it 5 days a week but I am doing it for the whole of January and I am feeling positive about the long term changes that should come to our overall diet and lifestyle.

New Years resolutions are not for me so instead I come up with a word for the year. This year my word of the year is 'positivity'.

It Won’t Be Easy But It Will Be Worth It

I know it won’t be easy to suddenly change my whole outlook and thought process. I am trying to undo thirty odd years of thinking a particular way. Perhaps it isn’t even possible but I am going to give it a good go. And because I have all year to try this I know I have time to practice and develop my methods to achieve it. No New Years Resolutions as such just a New Year Goal.


  1. I think Positivity is a great word for the year. It’s one I’m focusing on too — the last couple years were tough ones, but I’m determined to make a lot of great changes this year to get things back on track. Good luck with Veganuary!

    1. Thank you and good luck to you too with finding some more positives. I think as adults our years are far harder then we expected them to be when we were little… Even now I am well into my ‘adult’ life it surprises me how many obstacles life throws my way.

  2. I think it’s a great idea to choose a word rather than a resolution. I avoid the usual resolutions too, but I am back on the eating well and exercise bandwagon because… well… Christmas!
    Sounds like you’ve got positive plans in place for what lies ahead! Here’s to a positive 2018! #ThursdayTeam

    1. I find a word much easier to focus on. Plus it so much less pressure and it is measurable by my own expectations, not a set of scales 😉

    1. Absolutely. I like setting a word as it means I can fail one month but try again the next. Plus I can measure my own level of ‘success’.

  3. Love this! It’s an outlook rather than goals. We could all use a little more positivity in our lives. My husband is a Positive Polly while I am always the Negative Nancy and I strive every year to pick up on that trait of his! Hoping to get positive this year!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 2017 was an awful year and there are some things which will unfortunately carry on through this year. I think I need to try and have a better outlook on life and be more thankful for the little victories/good moments. I never make resolutions as with me there is no point but I love the idea of just a word as it’s much less pressure x #thursdayteam

    1. Yes a word takes away all the pressure and it is measurable by your own expectations. It won’t be easy to see the positives for me but I hope I can do it. I hope 2018 is a better year for you Xx

  5. Oh I love the idea of trying ‘Veganuary’ for a little bit. What a great way to get creative and cook more things without meat. I definitely want to try this out. I’m so sorry to hear 2017 wasn’t a great year for you but really lovely that you can see the positives in it, that your daughter is thriving and that you and your husband are so much closer. It’s so amazing that this year, despite the fact you’re expecting some lows, you’re actively trying to remain positive. I’m not a positive person by nature either and it is hard work to see the silver lining sometimes, but it really is so much better to try and see the silver lining, rather than just let negativity completely encompass you. xx

    1. Thank you! Such a lovely comment. Veganuary is going really well so far (ok I’m only 4 days in so it may be a honeymoon period) but doing it for a short space of time and having planned the month already is making it very manageable. I was dubious about making this my word for the year because I know what is coming but I thought this year was also the best to try and do it. Sometimes when we know what we face it is easier to prepare and see a way through. I may not be in control (which is tough for a ‘Monica’ person) but I can hopefully make some changes that have a happy effect on me and my family.

  6. This is such a good word for 2018 as I think sometimes we fixate too much on the bad stuff and don’t think about the good things or the good things to come from a bad situation x

  7. Positivity is a great word and a nudge to me to channel it on 2018. A lot of major cr@p happened this year, including two failed house moves, one days before we expected to exchange and complete. Juggling working full time, motherhood and other things was overwhelming. My son had back to back illnesses for two months. In short it was draining and it would be easy to carry that baggage into 2018. But even with the drama it’s provided an opportunity to take stock and reevaluate a few things about how we are living and my lack of self care. By comparison 2018 is going to be great. I’m in control. Exciting challenges with my blog. Bunch of things planned with little one. Bring it on! #thursdayteam

    1. Wow what a year! But it really sounds like you are entering 2018 with the best attitude! Good luck this year, I hope it is less turbulent for you x

  8. Love this idea of choosing a word of the year! I like to word bold too. Perhaps i’ll use them both myself this year. Good luck with veganuary! I am doing dry January and that is so hard already! I might do dry january for 6 days a week instead which will be hard but won’t make it so difficult.

    1. Hehe! I think I could do dry January for 6 days. Definitely not the whole month! But it is my birthday… sooooo… any excuse 😉 Good luck with it! I like having a word of the year, it is a fairly recent thing for me but I find the whole resolution thing too much. This is much more manageable x

  9. I really like the idea of having a word. I may steal this although we are already a week into Jan! Never to late to start eh? I am sorry to hear that 2017 wasn’t great for you, I really hope 2018 treats you better xx

  10. It’s great to have something to focus on whether that be a goal, resolution or simply a word – like you. Positivity is not an easy thing to achieve because, as you say, we can so often get bogged down in the crap that’s going on around us that we forget about focusing on the good stuff. Good luck with it…smiling helps apparently and I’m going to aim to do a bit more of that this year!

    1. It is already proving hard and we aren’t even half way through January. But I knew this would be a tough one but it one I am determind to embrace. To channel a little more Elsa and let it go xx

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