Potty Training – 9 months dry

It has been nine months since Pinky officially started potty training.  We had flirted with idea a few times before but it never really stuck and more often than not we (I) had given up after a couple of hours.  But nine months ago it stuck and since then we have had a couple of wetting incidence and one code brown! In essence she just got it.

It started on a Monday aged 2 1/2. Pinky had one accident in the afternoon but it was obvious she had just forgotten and she quickly ran towards the potty but it was too late. The next day she was at nursery, I know its cheating letting someone else do day 2 but there was never going to be a good time to do it so I went with it. She had one wetting accident that day too but had used the toilet a couple of times. Then that was it… dry all week. Until the following Tuesday at nursery.  Another wetting incident. This became a general theme for three weeks or so until we spoke to them. It wasn’t that we minded her wetting herself on occasion it was simply that she only ever did it at nursery. After a little chat it seemed that as the kids were aged 2-3 in Pinkys room they didn’t think much of it when one of them did wet themselves. I can understand this as whilst chatting to Pinkys key worker one little boy announced very loudly that he needed a ‘pee pee’ and promptly pissed all over the floor. I get it, they are young and I know its perfectly normal for it to take a while for some kids to be proficient with their toilet use, but Pinky knew what she needed to do. After that they must have paid extra attention to her asking for the toilet (she can be a bit quiet) because she didn’t have anymore accidents.

About two months later Pinky announced she wouldn’t wear nappies at night anymore. This took me by surprise and as I wasn’t planning on tackling the night time stuff until about now, maybe not until September, I wasn’t keen. Fortunately I made a snap decision to go with it and see how she did. She is a sensitive soul who hates doing wrong so I figured the worst that would happen was I would be woken up i the night to change her wet bed and that would put her off for a bit longer. We put a potty in her room and told her if she needed to go and we didn’t come quick enough she could use the potty. Well she did. That was it. She self trained at night. Yes I am bragging a little. But this does bring me to the code brown…. It was a few months ago now, Hubby went upstairs for something and came back down saying Pinky must have a lot of wind tonight as it smells a bit. We thought nothing more of it as she was fast asleep. Snoring loudly, super contented, not moving type sleep. Then a short while later when we went to bed it still smelt in her room… We checked and sure enough… Code brown! Bless her she had no idea. We woke her up enough to clean and change her, the bed was clean, knickers and PJ’s had kept it contained. YES!

Over the last month I have been trying to persuade Pinky to use the bathroom at night rather than the potty in her room. I wont just remove it as that isn’t worth the tantrum it will cause (sensibly picking my battles). She hasn’t been keen but then opportunity arose and I took it! We went on holiday and I didn’t even pack her travel potty. Luckily the toilet in our Villa was lower than at home, not by much but enough to not need a stepping stool, and she could reach the light switch with ease.  On the first night I told her to just use the toilet of she needed it and then come and find us if she needed our help. I think the extra independence really appealed to her and she spent two weeks taking herself off to the toilet, wiping and flushing all by herself. We only helped in the public toilets. Before we came home I spoke to her about it and we decided she could help us pack up all her potties to put into the loft until her sister needs them. So now we are back home she is using the main toilet at night, she can even reach the pull-string to turn the light on and off. She has been taking herself off in the day without announcing it each time and the only occasions she asks for help are if she has had a poo, I could do without this smeared all over her hands, we still need to work on wiping skills so I’m happy to help with this. But as far as I’m concerned we are done. She is toilet trained.

Sadly I have no advice on how to achieve this simple stress free level of potty training other than wait until they are ready. But don’t wait too long or they will be just as difficult to train as doing it too early… Make sense? No. It doesn’t to me either. I know I just got lucky with my timings and I have all fingers and toes crossed that I manage it again! A friend once told me that the night time dryness comes from a  hormone within the brain, or something to do with natural brain development and that you can’t actually train a child to be day at night, thats up to their own body and brain. It makes sense that that may be the case and likely explains why some 2/3 year olds are dry at night whilst some 6/7 year olds still we the bed.

I suspect round 2 of potty training will start soon. Certainly within the next year. Perky may only be 17 months old (almost) but she is desperate to do everything her big sister does and I know she likes to sit on the toilet before her bath. We bought her some new Pampers pull ups as they are as absorbent as normal nappies and she thinks they are like the knickers Pinky wears so she loves them. She can drink from a proper cup because Pinky does, she demands a fork as well as spoon at meal times because Pinky has one… The list is endless and exhausting.

|f it takes it longer for Perky to get it I won’t be too disappointed.  There is a certain level of security offered by nappies that I like, the reduced risk of rushing through the shopping centre/restaurant/park/house due to a sudden onset of the need to wee (or heaven forbid poo) and just not making it in time.

Either way… We will get there… One day soon I will finally say goodbye to nappies for good.  Will this be a sad day?

I don’t know.


But it is unlikely. They are so expensive!IMG_3993

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