The Pros and Cons of a January Birthday

Well we are back to January again. The coldest, darkest most skint month of the year. The month that resolutions are made and broken, the month of ‘Blue Monday‘. January is a month that most people look to with a deep sense of dread. But then there are those who’s birthdays are in this dreaded month. So what about us? Well here are my pros and cons of a January Birthday.

The Pros and Cons of a January Birthday. Having a birthday so close to Christmas and New Years can have some serious cons but I think there are some brilliant pros and heres is why! Plus why I think us January babies rock.


No One Has Any Money To Do Anything

You know all of those wonderful cocktail parties and dinners out you attend for all of your friends birthdays throughout the year that are always full of company, lots of laughing and late nights. Everyone turns up, especially to the August ones and everyone has a whale of a time. Well…

Not in January. No one has any money to go out for dinner after Christmas and New Year. And despite wages going up with age so do family sizes so don’t think as time goes on more people will come out… They won’t.

People Forget

I’m not sure what it is about January but I think peoples brains go into recovery mode after everything there is to remember during December. My brain does it too. But it does mean sometimes people forget about a January Birthday.

People Combine Your Christmas and Birthday

I have been lucky that this has only happened to me once. But my birthday is on the 16th January. That is three weeks after Christmas. I’m not sure combining it is appropriate. Especially not when the gift on offer was a DVD box set. I feel sorry for the January babies that have their birthday closer to December.

It Is Always Cold and Usually Wet

I mean, it is winter, but it always rains on my birthday. It snowed the day I was born… That didn’t happen again for another 30 years. Come on snow!

You Will Look Like Bridget Jones

If, on the off chance, you do make it out for your birthday be prepared to look more like Bridget Jones than Jessica Rabbit. Chances are you will still have a little Christmas wobble and be adorning as many layers as possible to keep your nipples from falling off. That slinky little dress will have to wait for the August Birthday gatherings.

The Pros and Cons of a January Birthday. Having a birthday so close to Christmas and New Years can have some serious cons but I think there are some brilliant pros and heres is why! Plus why I think us January babies rock.


You Get Lots Of Presents

I think people feel guilty that they forget your birthday or can’t really afford it. So even if gifts are a little belated you do get them and they are always lovely.

It Is Acceptable To Stay In And Be Cosy

This is only something I have come to realised as I hit my 30’s but it is wonderful to be able to spend your birthday under a blanket watching Netflix… Thank goodness for winter.

Holidays Are Cheap

If you do manage to save a little then holidays in January are really cheap. Perhaps not skiing holidays but city breaks certainly are. A little European Culture over a January Birthday Weekend sounds perfect to me.

Annual Leave Is Easy To Get

I don’t have this issue anymore as a Stay At Home Mum but when I did work January was always an easy month to get time off. In both waitressing and nursing December leave was banned and never given outside of extreme circumstances. It may seem unfair but in both cases December is an extremely busy month. But come January no one wants leave. Everyone is saving it for their Spring and Summer getaways. I have never worked my birthday. Not once!

You Don’t Suffer With Blue Monday

This could just be me. I’m sure some January babies suffer with it. But my birthday usually falls in the same week as Blue Monday so I don’t feel it’s effects.

The Pros and Cons of a January Birthday. Having a birthday so close to Christmas and New Years can have some serious cons but I think there are some brilliant pros and heres is why! Plus why I think us January babies rock.

It’s Not All Bad

Any Mama’s out there expecting a January baby, don’t worry, it really isn’t all that bad. Most of my cons were felt during my 20’s but otherwise I didn’t have too many problems. Other than wishing I could spread out the celebrations, as having a Birthday and Christmas so close together sometimes meant I would have to wait a whole year to get something I wanted, I actually always liked a January Birthday.

My Mum was very good at saving for gifts so I never suffered there. And all my friends came to my birthday parties as a kid (at least I think they did). I never noticed any difference until I got older and there were bills to pay such as rent. Then friends, understandably, were more reluctant to help me celebrate.

Now I am in my 30’s I am much less fussed. Hubby is amazing and always organises something special for my birthday. We sometimes invite a couple of friends to join us for dinner if they want to but there is never any obligation and actually sometimes it is nice just to spend some time with Hubby. I am not a fan of being the centre of attention anyway so outside if big events, like our wedding, I try and avoid big parties that are for my benefit.

January Babies Are The Best

To be perfectly honest January babies are the best. We are born in the coldest, darkest month so we are hardy and strong. At school we are the oldest of the middle age group. This means we are not the oldest and therefore the more developed with higher expectations but nor are we the youngest. Any Mother will tell you the huge difference just 2 months in a child’s life can make. So throwing 30 children together with a whole years age gap, developmental levels will hugely vary. Being a January child means you are half way between them all and therefore shouldn’t be too out of your depth at all. We are resilient and resourceful; having to wait a whole year to get the latest craze toy meant I had a huge incentive to earn my own money to buy myself what I wanted (usually a beanie baby).

Yep, if you ask me then being a January Baby is pretty cool…. But not in your 20’s. It sucks in your 20’s.


  1. I’m a July birthday so I get prezzies half way through the year. I guess January sounds like a good month to have a birthday. Definitely bests the January blues!

    1. It definitely does… I do like the idea of spreading the celebrations evenly throughout the year though, rather than having Christmas and birthday so close together x

    1. It is a very odd month for a birthday. It is only as I got older that I started to notice a reluctance from others to celebrate it.

  2. Firstly, happy birthday to you!! My brother and sister both have birthdays in December , 23rd to be exact and they too have all the same issues as a January birthday !!! But , more often than not they do get more than the average birthday gifts, mainly due to the years as kiddies when Santa delivered birthday presents too!!!

    1. Thank you. Wow that is so close to Christmas! Was it exciting for them as kids to have Santa bring birthday presents too? I guess it would be.

    1. Happy Belated Birthday. That is very close to Christmas. I can understand completely why you don’t like it… On the plus side your birthday is always filled with twinkly lights… January is so dull 😉 Xx

    1. I can imagine! That is very close to Christmas. My two girls are Feb and March kids and I find their birthdays too close to come up with gift ideas x

  3. My son is a December baby, and it was always tough to make sure he had a special day and that people didn’t merge his birthday with Christmas. I don’t get why people would do that for a January birthday at all

    1. I don’t get it either. But I agree with you trying to keep birthday and Christmas separate. It isn’t really fair not to x

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