Saturday Strawberry Picking

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We took the girls strawberry picking on Saturday.  The both loved it and Perky was better behaved than I had expected.  She followed Pinky and did exactly as she did and loved putting the strawberries into the baskets.  We filled two whole baskets and by the end of it Pinky hadn’t eaten any (a totally stickler for the rules) and Perky had only snuck two into her mouth when she thought I wasn’t looking.  Of course it could have been more than that as I’m not sure Hubby was really trying to discourage her.

As well as the strawberries we went and picked some peas and broad beans.  Pinky got really excited about being able to pick her dinner.  It was lovely to watch her interest grow and it really did make a difference, she ate all her veg at dinner!  I was almost inspired to start a vegetable garden for her but since we don’t have the largest garden in the world it’s not likely I will actually do it.

Oh, and the fact that I could kill a cactus.  But I shall skim past my lack of green fingers.

From the strawberry fields Hubby took as to Top Golf which was just around the corner.  This isn’t something I would normally think of doing and we probably won’t do it all together again until Perky is older.  We go lucky this time really, there was space downstairs and Perky was happy to sit in her pushchair with a snack and drink watching us.  Pinky loved having her own mini set of golf clubs and once she had been shown how to set up the balls she had to do it for me each time.  As Hubby plays golf as often as he can, which is not as often as he would like, he was really pleased to be able to help her take her first golf swing.  And she loved it!  She often hears me say ‘Daddy is at the golf course’, and although that doesn’t mean he is at Top Golf I think she likes having a better idea of what I actually mean.  I’m sure she will be his caddy as she gets older.

Not that she will actually carry his bag…. but she may get the club out that he wants… If he is lucky (or bribes her with chocolate).

Of course it would have been rude to do the fruit picking and then not make a cake of some description.  I opted for an easy vanilla sponge with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.  I chopped up loads of the strawberries with the help of Pinky and put them in between the two layers of sponge.  The result was yummy!  Pinky helps with all my baking these days and I hope she will always enjoy baking with me or by herself.



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