The Science behind a Perfect Night’s Sleep – Guest Post

The Science behind a Perfect Night’s Sleep

The Science behind a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak! The naive things I thought when I was in my prime. Well I need sleep! Sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is for the privileged… Or those without babies and toddlers! Do you thing parents with live in Nannies get more sleep?? Seriously I’m asking….

I was sent this brilliant post about the science of sleep and I though all you lovely readers may appreciate it!

The Science behind a Perfect Night’s Sleep 

If you don’t have kids then getting a good night’s sleep might not be much of an issue. But having kids is certainly one of the major factors that can lead to the quality of your sleep to deteriorate. So once you’ve realised that it’s time to try and improve your sleep, where do you even start?

Luckily scientists have been researching sleep for decades and have found many interesting things out that can help us to sleep a little better. But first, just how important is a good night’s sleep?

A 1997 study looking at sleep loss found that reduced sleep led to elevated cortisol levels the next evening. Symptoms of high cortisol levels include weight gain, mood swings and increased anxiety. While a more recent 2008 meta-analysis completed found that short duration of sleep in both children and adults increased the risk of obesity.
For more information about the science behind getting a perfect night’s sleep, check out the following infographic created by De Vere Hotels:

The Science of Sleep. How to get more sleep and live a healthy balanced life.

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