Squires Kitchen Poppy Demonstration

Earlier in the year I completed a one day sugarpaste course at Squires Kitchen International School. Squires is a kitchen shop in Farnham, Surrey and they have a cookery school located behind the shop. This is a well renowned school, which was started by a lady called Beverly Dutton in her kitchen! It is amazing what you can achieve if you set your mind to it. The School runs courses all year round and not all of the classes require previous experience. Many of them are just for fun. Find out more here. They also often run evening demonstrations and exclusive shopping experiences, which are extremely good value for money.

This week I attended their Poppy demonstration and VIP shopping experience in recognition of Armistice Day. The demonstration lasted an hour and was very easy to follow and understand. There was a camera positioned above the tutor so everyone could see clearly what she was doing. The tutor had a few ‘blue peter moments’ where she had each stage already prepared so we could see the effect we were looking for before constructing the finished product. Each attendee was given a goodie bag which was filled with baking stuff.


After the demonstration we were shown round to the shop, which was open after hours exclusively for us with special offers on for the evening.  As my Grandma has asked me to make a Christmas themed cake for December I went and stocked up on all the things I needed for that plus a little extra.

I am already a huge fan of Squires Kitchen. Their courses are accessible to all people of all baking abilities and their tutors and staff are really friendly. I was, of course, rooting for them during Great British Bake Off: The Professionals, which they won this year. They have that trophy proudly displayed within the school. The products they make themselves such as the flower paste and food colours are of extremely high quality, where possible I will choose their SK range over another.  All of their products are available on their online shop.


I can’t wait to attend more of their classes or demonstrations. Aside from everything I have already said it can’t be ignored that part of why I enjoyed this evening so much was because it was a chance for a little ‘me’ time. A little break from being Mummy, I even had to leave before bath time. Lucky Hubby got to do that all by himself.

I paid for this demonstration and all items for myself.  Squires did not pay me in any way for this post (in fact they don’t even know I am writing it).  I would simply like to tell you all about my fun evening.

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