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You may have noticed a little theme on the blog this month. The School Holidays! This wasn’t intentional I think it is simply playing on my mind that I will have 6 whole weeks to entertain 2 small children. I am all for ‘a little boredom does them no harm’ but a little boredom causes a lot of whining and fighting which causes me to loose my shizzle. Moany voice = Bad Mum. Simple. With this is mind I am concocting various coping mechanisms and writing various posts to help remind of ways to conquer the mundane. This post is all about our Summer Holiday Bucket List. We may not complete all of it but at least I will have something good to refer to for ideas.

I am acutely aware that this is the last chance I get to spend some real time with Ellie before school starts full time. This means I actually want to do stuff in these school holidays. Usually I hate going places that I will have to pay over the odds to get in and spend it with above average crowd levels. But my time of being able to hibernate in the holidays has officially come to an end now I am joining the ranks of ‘School Mum’. So for this years 6 week period I am actually going places.


I might as well start with a biggie. This is literally down the road from me. It is outrageous we haven’t been already but then again their prices are somewhat eye watering so I guess it is also understandable. Honestly, getting my lady bits tidied up is less painful than parting with the cash to go and spend some time waving wasps away from the children’s heads in one of the most crowded areas in Surrey. The thing is I really want to take the girls. I know that as soon as we go it will be so much fun, the girls will love it and I don’t doubt that we will become regular visitors. I guess I just need to go and get over my inexplicable reluctance.

Summer Holiday bucket list. Before our child starts school in September this is all the things we want to fit in creating beautiful family memories.

Wisley Gardens

Obviously we will be visiting Wisley Gardens a few times. We go so often as it is and as I am a member it doesn’t cost me anything on the day, assuming I take a picnic. The best thing about Wisley in the summer is that the flowers are in full force so it is beautiful. Plus there are plenty of shaded places so on a really hot day it isn’t a bad place to be.

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Wellington Country Park

I have only ever heard amazing things about Wellington Country Park. It is really large and designed for families with children of all ages. Due to the size of it it never feels too busy. Although it is a little on the pricey side to get in it is perfectly possible to spend the whole day there.

Whipsnade Zoo

I love this place. The girls quite like it too 😉 There are lots of good zoos around but this is my favourite by far. I love all the conservation they do and the animals seem well kept. Whipsnade is so well designed that even on cold wet days when all the animals are in their houses you can see them. And the opposite its true. If all the animals are out in the fields you can get a good view of them. This is what I dislike about some other establishments, some days you can get unlucky and barely see anything.

Summer Holiday bucket list. Before our child starts school in September this is all the things we want to fit in creating beautiful family memories.

Strawberry Picking

We can kill a few hours strawberry picking. The girls really enjoy this simple activity and so do I. There is a great coffee shop at our fruit picking farm so it would be rude not to stop for a drink and some cake afterwards!

Summer Holiday bucket list. Before our child starts school in September this is all the things we want to fit in creating beautiful family memories.

The Beach

I’m not sure which beach as we aren’t particularly close to any so it will have to be well planned. We all love the beach though and really relax when we are by the sea even if the weather isn’t at it’s best (which is actually sometimes better anyway). I’m thinking sandy so the girls can build sandcastles. I suspect they would be disappointed with a pebbled beach.

A Staycation

This will most likely just be a quick weekend thing but I would like to get to my Mum’s in Wales for a couple of days. We did have this planned but other family events have meant we have had to rethink. Spending a couple of days on a farm away from our normal is just what we need.

A Lunch Date

Ellie and Trixie may have their fussy moments but they are little foodies at heart. They love nothing more than eating out in a restaurant. As much as I like going out as a family of four it is really special to occasionally take the girls out for lunch on my own. Just a mother daughter lunch date.

This is just the start of all the things I want to do with the girls. Realistically I will leave this list here as that is a lot to fit in. These things will fill a lot of our time and should create some beautiful memories for all of us before we become a school family in September. We have a lot to look forward to in the future but for now I want to concentrate on the present.

Summer Holiday bucket list. Before our child starts school in September this is all the things we want to fit in creating beautiful family memories.




  1. Katie
    July 20, 2017 / 9:03 pm

    I saw something where you put all the activities on to lolly sticks and put them in a jar. Like a lucky dip as to what you are going to do. Can put little ones on there like baking etc 🙂 xx

    • Katie
      July 20, 2017 / 9:08 pm

      Just an other thought could maybe have 2 jars. One for activities if the weather is rubbish and one for nice sunny days 🙂

      • Winnettes
        July 21, 2017 / 12:23 pm

        Oh I have seen this before and forgotten about it! I quite like that idea. I may have to get the girls to pick the night before as I usually like to plan my day at least an evening in advance… One day I will let go of the structured fun 😉

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