The First Steps

This weekend saw Perky take her first independent steps. She is technically a late walker like her sister was. Pinky was 17 months old and Perky is now 15 months. It bothered me a little with Pinky that she took so long as every other child her age seemed to be walking but actually looking back it was a bit of a blessing.

The day Pinky got up and walked that was the end of the process. She had waited until she felt so steady on her feet she never wobbled or fell. She never even got back down and crawled. She could navigate around the toys on the floor and seemed to have a good spacial awareness.  All this lead to Hubby and I genuinely believing that the cheeky mare could have done it long before she actually did (she would always walk holding our hands) but she simply didn’t have the confidence or perhaps the inclination. Whatever the reason for her waiting so long, once she did get up she was done.

Perky is a different matter. I think partly because this is the final time I will experience ‘the first steps’ I have been quite happy for her to wait as long as possible to take them. Also I have witnessed friends children who were early walkers hurt themselves regularly and often fall over. I am not sure when the ability to avoid obstacles develops but it certainly takes time.

But this is it… she has taken her first steps and both Hubby and I have been lucky enough to witness them together.

As all children are different the process of learning to walk is different second time. Perky took them in the evening post bath time just like her sister, but she is still wobbly and falling down four days later.  Its not a problem really its just a new experience for all of us and one that I wasn’t expecting just yet. I had come to the idea that she wasn’t going to walk for another month or so as she had stopped trying to stand unaided. Plus she gets about so well by crawling and there isn’t anything she can’t climb up if she wants to. I seriously need to grow another pair of eyes in the back of my head!

Over all I am excited she is walking. It’s another milestone met, another sign that she is growing well. But there is a tinge of sadness that has come along with those steps. My baby really is no longer a baby. Ok, so I know she hasn’t been for a while, she looks more and more like her older sister, she is gabbling away and even has a few actual words she uses. But I think it is natural to want to savour those final moments of ‘baby’ and I feel like those moments have suddenly passed me by like the bullet train and I’m not sure when I blinked but I definitely did.IMG_3492

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