The Multiple Uses of Bamboo Cutlery

The Multiple Uses of Bamboo Cutlery

During my Plastic Purge of 2018 (as I am calling it) I have been looking for as many sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to the plastic that we use as possible. I have replaced our old dish brushes with bamboo ones. My razor is now a safety razor and completely plastic free. As a family we use soap and shampoo bars, no plastic bottles in the bathroom. Even our toilet paper is sustainably farmed bamboo paper wrapped in paper. Again no plastic. This has taken a lot of effort and planning and to ensure there is no waste I have waited for all our plastic pieces to break and come to the end of their life. A frustrating and slow process but one that I am passionate about and committed to completing.

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One of the changes I am yet to make is travel cutlery. I have some metal straws that I take with me out and about but if I have ever needed cutlery I have had to take household stuff with me. Much of my reluctance to buy bamboo travel cutlery is that I had the narrow minded opinion that it is just for camping (which I do not do) and therefore I had no need for it. Then I thought about it and I realised there are so many more reasons that I need bamboo travel cutlery in the house. So here are the multiple uses of bamboo cutlery that I have come up with.

The Multiple Uses of Bamboo Cutlery


So to get the obviously over and done with camping is a reason for bamboo cutlery. Rather that using plastic disposable cutlery or carrying bulky steel cutlery, bamboo cutlery is light and compact, cleanable and reusable.

The Working Lunch

Eating salad or sushi? Bare Vida bamboo pack will cover all your eating needs without the use of disposable plastic or single use chopsticks.

 The Multiple Uses of Bamboo Cutlery

Kids Packed Lunches

I limit what I put in the packed lunches for preschool as I don’t like to send big cutlery in as it is tricky for little hands to use, and the plastic kids stuff we once had has long since been removed from the household. A little bamboo set is perfect for little hands and mouths as well as adults and I have no concerns sending in a fork and spoon with some pasta salad or other leftovers to jazz up the boring ham sandwich and crisps combo.

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Traveling the World

Traveling the world is a wonderful thing to do, you get to see things you wouldn’t ordinarily see and experience cultures and food you wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to. However the cleanliness of some places and their water sources may be of concern. If so a bamboo travel set may be just what you need whilst traveling.

 The Multiple Uses of Bamboo Cutlery


There is nothing quite like a picnic in the summer and a bamboo cutlery set is the perfect plastic free accompaniment.

Coffee & Cake

So you have your reusable coffee cup sorted. But what about the cutlery for your cake? A bamboo set will keep the plastic away.

Bare Vida Bamboo Travel Set

This bamboo travel set by Bare Vida ticks all the boxes for a sustainable, environmentally friendly travel set. It includes a knife, fork, spoon as well as a straw and chopstick set all handmade from organic bamboo in Bali. These are presented in a beautiful fabric pouch for easy transportation. The cutlery is finished with food grade varnish to ensure they last for over three years making them a longer term investment.

So for all the above reasons and use in everyday life this is a great, all round and complete set of bamboo utensils. The straw is a great addition to the set as many establishments still use plastic straws, or no straw at all. It is small and compact so fits easily into any handbag or even a coat pocket to carry around with you everywhere you go. No longer do you need to compromise your zero waste or plastic free beliefs just because you are out and about and living your life.

Get your own reusable travel cutlery set and check out Bare Vida for more bamboo products HERE.

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*I was given a set of Bare Vida bamboo cutlery for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Multiple Uses of Bamboo Cutlery


  1. Who knew there were so many uses? I just love the look of this cutlery. I’d never thought about buying reusable cutlery before but I really should get some as I have changed to reusable straws and am really trying to change my ways with waste.

  2. These look so lovely as well as being practical and environmentally friendly and plastic free. Maybe something for us to consider once our campfire utensils run out of life. I a definitely going to bear these in mind and a replacement option

  3. Oh good for you! I so need to switch to more eco friendly items. I do have a bamboo toothbrush though! I love the look of the bamboo cutlery, they are super cute and instaworthy, haha!

  4. What a very versatile cutlet set, they look gorgeous too. We have something similar in our home. We are trying to use less plastic as a family and these look like they’ll be a great step in the right direction for many people.

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