The Night Before Christmas by Rose Collins: A Review

The Night Before Christmas is one of my all time favourite Christmas stories. Or poem to be exact. I actually bought the book for the girls last year but to be honest they weren’t as keen on it as I am. They do both love books, turning the pages, looking at the pictures, but being the modern day children that they are if it can be on a tablet or computer screen they are much more engaging! Plus Perky has developed a nasty habit of drawing in the books…. I’m sure she does it just to wind me up!

This e-book version has changed the girls reluctance to listen to the story. Each page is bright and colourful. There are only a couple of lines on each page so the girls don’t need to maintain their attention for too long before we move on. Having said that there is so much to see on each page it can take some serious persuasion to let me move on with the story.

We particularly love that the family are bears!



I’m so pleased I can finally share my love for this book with the girls and not have its words fall on deaf ears.  This is a remake written by Rose Collins, based on the original by Clement C. Moore.  Many of the words and phrases are more understandable by today’s language trends.  I have found this particularly useful in getting the girls to engage in the book.

All in all this is a brilliant e-book. It’s captivating and colourful, the girls can swipe through the pages at their own leisure and not rip them in the process…. or draw on them!

The e-book is available on:

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Disclaimer: We were given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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