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We are approaching our 5th wedding anniversary. We have been busy since we said ‘I do’, houses, children, work… the list goes on. I was sat in my office last week and just happened to catch a glance of the picture of Special One on my desk. I smile, that smile that only she can bring to me. I’m guilty of not stopping and thinking as much as I should,  I started to reflect on some key moments in our life.

In 2008, I stood next to you whilst I dreamt about what might be… Your smile, your laugh, your company, what could I say or do for you to give me a chance to spend some time with you.

In 2009, I stood next to you as we walked into our first flat together.

In 2011, I stood next to you while I put a ring on your finger, and you put one on mine. Smiling in amazement, shaking in anticipation, heart pounding through my chest because I knew my dream had come true…

In 2013,  I stood next to you waiting to hold our first child. Nervous, inexperienced, I had no idea how to be a Daddy….

In 2015, I stood next to you waiting to hold our second child. Nervous, worried, I had made up being a Daddy and now to 2 of them…

In 2016, I stand next to you knowing the only reason I can stand next to you, is because you hold me up.

I watch in pride as you do your thing: wipe tears, settle sister arguments, smile when world war 3 is kicking off, feed us, care for us, look after us, cuddle us, pick us up when we are down, love us.

Happy Anniversary Special One, I love you!



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