Three Crucial Ingredients To A Successful Fundraiser Run

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Three Crucial Ingredients To A Successful Fundraiser Run

Beyond organising runs for the love of it, you might also one day hope to organise a run that does some good in the world. You need to take those organisational powers and expand them to get as many people involved and as much in return for the cause of your choice. Beyond the usual setup for a run, there are three things that need to be prioritised more than ever when it’s a fundraiser. Here are the three ingredients that can really make it take off.

Three Crucial Ingredients To A Successful Fundraiser Run

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Love for your volunteers

You are going to hope to expect more people to take part in your fundraiser run than the usual fare. To that end, you’re probably going to need more volunteers, too. They will help you get any permissions you might need, liaise with the local council, help get the message out there in press releases, and help you stock up on essential supplies. To that end, make sure you celebrate those volunteers. Even a small token of appreciation such as a lunch day with them when it’s all said and done or an exclusive t-shirt can be your way of saying thanks. Keep them updated on all the goals met and the results of the race so they can feel the impact they’ve had on the community as well.

A great hook

Runs are popular events and those with fundraisers attached are even more popular. However, if you want to make a splash, to help grow awareness and draw in even more casual crowds, there are plenty of hooks that can help you spice up the event, too. For instance, you can buy Holi colour powders by the bulk and make it a colour run where everyone gets to get a little messy and make some outrageous running street art. Obstacle runs and mud runs are other ways to show that the event isn’t just for seasoned runners but anyone who feels like getting active for a good cause.

Every little helps

Of course, the point of a fundraiser is to raise funds for a cause. Any opportunity you can get to increase the amount that you end up contributing to that cause improves its chances of success. You can hand out sponsorship forms for the runners as is the most common practice. You can also ask entrants to pay a small fee in order to get a kit bag at the end of the run, as well. This can include a custom t-shirt celebrating the event, sunglasses, and little knick-knacks like an inspirational bracelet for the event. Of course, the best way to increase revenue is to get more people contributing. You can pair with a sponsor to help you spread the word, create a website and social media, even ask volunteers and participants to contribute to a hashtag for the run.

Runs make for great fundraisers and can become a highly anticipated annual event if you get them right. Keep it fun, keep it dedicated to the cause, and keep it run by a community of active, happy people.  

Three Crucial Ingredients To A Successful Fundraiser Run

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