Thursday Team | #31

Thursday Team

Hi all,

How is everyone this week? As the schools return for the final half term before summer I find myself getting quite reflective… Not always in a good way. How on earth and I going to occupy both the girls for seven weeks? I think summer camps are going to be involved just to break up the weeks.

I am holding out hope for good weather but anyone who is British knows that is just wishful thinking! Chances are ziltch.


Thank goodness for National Trust is all I can say. The girls love exploring new places and so do I. And a little rain has never really put us off, although I have always adopted the Jumanji mantra that a lot can kill you… So if its heavy I’ll play it safe and stay at home 😉

Thursday Team

On with the linky….. For anone who is new here a linky is a great place to showcase your latest blog posts and, in the case of Thursday Team, your vlogs too. Old or new it is up to you. Simply read the rules below and add your link using the Inlinkz at the bottom. Follow the on screen instructions, et Viola! You have joined our linky. Each week your hosts, myself and Sarah will pick one or two posts to feature as our favourites. These are ones we think are well worth a read/watch.

My Featured Post

Family Eco-Friendly Living

Charlotte is a mum of 6 so of course her household produces a lot of waste (who’s doesn’t?). I love how Charlotte is breaking down the changes she is making into small manageable bits. We can’t all change our habits overnight but we can make adjustments and better choices. No matter how small it may seem a change is still a change. And imagine if every person made just one change to reduce plastic. That would be HUGE.

Sarah’s Featured Post

My likes and loves

This was a lovely blog post of a month which was filled with educational activities. It’s reminded me that I must take the girls to the museums in London.


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