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Happy Thursday One and All.

How is everyone this week? I have been enjoying the sun when it has been out. What about this three month heat wave we are meant to get, do you think it is true? I’m sceptical because I am sure they say this every year and it never happens. But we will see. As long as it isn’t joined by a hose pipe ban and major water shortage then all is good.

My week…

This week Ellie got to bring home Pip the squirrel. Pip is part of the Wild Life Trusts campaign to get kids outside and learning about nature. Naturally I’m an idiot and signed up to have the squirrel on our busiest day of the week so the only real chance we had was walking home from ballet. We hunted down as many pink and purple flowers as we could to match the ballet uniform. We actually found loads but the pressure was a bit much…. Mum guilt was creeping in.

Otherwise things have been quite relaxed around here and I have been quite productive finding new eco products and changing where I shop. Stay tuned for more on the blog and don’t forget to sign up for my monthly emails if you would like a few extra tips. Everything is aimed at being simple and easy to achieve. Rome wasn’t built in a day and let’s not forget even a small change is still a change that will make a big difference.

🍎Food Shopping🍎 ~•~ I’ve been reviewing the situation (name that song 😉) and I don’t like how I do the weekly shop. Because I do it online it’s so heavily packed in plastic and I always get the quantities wrong. ~•~ So at the weekend I did a little experiment: I priced up all my fresh stuff online and then went to the local farm shop and bought it all from there instead…… it was *cheaper*! By nearly £5. ~•~ Now, obviously, online shopping has its place and I needed it when the kids were babies…. but now I think it’s more laziness than convenience for me. ~•~ So I’ve been reviewing the situation and from now on my shopping will mostly be done at local farm shops, green grocers and the like, wherever possible 🌿 #seekthesimplicity #livethelittlethings #theartofslowliving

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Thursday Team

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I loved this post by Queen of Collage. Getting out and exploring is one of our favourite things to do but I never thought of setting up little back packs for the girls before. All the things on the list are small and easy for your little one to carry and make exploring even more fun.

Sarah’s Featured Post

10 Nature Activities for Children

I loved this post as I really want to do more nature activities with the girls. I like the idea of the nature journal for my nearly four year old and I know our one year old would love the sink or float experiment!

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