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Welcome back to another week of Thursday Team.

I hope it isn’t just me who is a little dumbfounded that it is August already. We are now two weeks into the summer holidays and so far we are surviving just about! Truthfully I am struggling having them both here all the time and not having the rest school/preschool provides. I find the constant talking (or twittering as I call it) and the continual questions mentally draining. This is the main reason I have always said I could never home school but actually the questions where I can offer a learning opportunity are a welcome relief from the mundane “can I have a snack/ice lolly/play outside/go to the toilet/get a toy?”

We raise them to be independent women. They can go outside whenever they want, they have direct access to the garden, their shoes and all their toys. During term time they were more than capable of making the decision to play outside and do it without question so why now has that changed? They can both toilet independently. I do not need an announcement that they are going and they do not need permission to wee. So why now are they asking? I think you get my point.

Happy Summer

Of course it hasn’t been all bad, we have had some lovely days out and I have treated them to chocolate croissants for breakfast and even let them choose coco pops for their breakfast without firmly saying no. Obviously this is just a holiday perk but it has been nice to relax some of the rules.

We have done face painting, lavender fields, coffee and cake, puzzles, water fights, walks, the park, bike rides and much more. The rain has been a welcome reprieve from the heat but we are looking forward to some more warm weather to enjoy all together.

On with the linky….

My Featured Post

Planning a Positive Birth

I loved this post my Megan. I never bought into the whole large birth plan thing mostly because I was fortunate enough to spend a week on a maternity ward during my nursing training. During this time I learnt very quickly that the best births were the one that didn’t come with a 15 page plan but rather a woman who knew to trust her body and the professionals to do what was needed. Those that were willing to go with the flow. That said I loved this post because Megan makes some good points about the need for us to relay horror stories of birth to those expecting. We all know it hurts but that doesn’t mean it can’t be positive. Megan is making some great steps to ensure she has her own positive individual experience and that is what it is all about.

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