Thursday Team | Blog It Vlog It Linky | #21

Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Week 21 of Thursday Team already! I may have to stop numbering these as it doesn’t help with the weeks seeming to pass by like lightening!

We are finally settled into our new house and any adverse behaviour from Ellie seems to have settled down. I think the full return of a familiar routine and a good family weekend really helped.

This weekend is already filling up with plans including a park trip, maybe a trip out on the girls bikes and a birthday party.

That is assuming that the weather doesn’t turn again…..

This week I am linking up with a delicious bread maker recipe post and a quick 2 minute Day in the Life video.

How To Move On After Abuse

Vicky’s story is truly inspirational. The strength she has without even realising it and the humility she expresses when asked about he experiences are remarkable. I have always considered myself quite a strong person but I am not sure I could be so positive in the same situation.

Baby K’s First Birthday – My Last Baby

This really struck a cord with me as I have been through the last baby phase and for the most part I am out the other side. Whilst I wouldn’t have anymore children, it makes the last baby a very bittersweet experience. Every huge milestone is the last huge milestone. It is both magical and upsetting.

Thank you for the music – how music has shaped our lives

I loved this post as music is such a big part of my life and like Nicola I also find when things are hard music helps me hugely. I really hope my two enjoy music as much as I do.

7 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Because it’s Easter next week and because we love anything crafty I loved this post with some great ideas for decorating Easter eggs, definitely check this one out!


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