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Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Another week, still now spring. Well actually I guess the rain is a sign of growth but come on sunshine!

This week is the final few days of school before Easter! Who’s excited? I like Easter but really I am just looking forwrd to not getting up for the school run for a couple of weeks. And judging on the fact that I have had to actually wake the girls up every morning for the past week I think they are too. The only trouble is that this holiday is a little bitter sweet for me as it will mark the beginning of Ellie’s final term of reception… How the hell did that happen?

I am going to totally gloss over the fact that Trixie also starts preschool as I just can’t think about my babies growing up.


Thursday Team

On with the linky before I make myself cry. Let’s see what posts Sarah and I featured from last week.

When School Demands Get Too Much

This post seriously resonated with me. Before Ellie started school people warned me about the constant demands we were about to face. But I really didn’t comprehend what they meant. So for all school parents have a read of this and nod along in solidarity. And for all parents who have school in their future… Read this and take heed. This is only a drop in the ocean of the demands you are about to face.

Baby Sign Language – Why? How? When?

I did baby sign language with Ellie and I loved it. It was such a great way to be able to communicate with her before she could actually talk. This post really highlights and outlines the benefits of baby sign language. So if you were ever in doubt about giving it a go or possibly thinking about starting a new class with your little one then give this post a read and see what you think.

Interview tips

I loved this post with 10 interview tips. I haven’t had an interview in years so this was a good reminder of all the things you should and of course shouldn’t do! Well worth a read if you might be looking for a new job.

Tips to learn from new Mums

I loved this post with lots of really useful tips on being a new Mum from pregnancy to the early days. It made me remember all the things I experienced when pregnant, especially the unwanted advice!



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