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Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Happy Thursday.

We have just a few days left of the Easter Holidays and I am proud to announce we have survived relatively unscathed. We have been super busy visiting Clivenden House, our local lake, The Weald And Downland Museum, Hatchlands Park, Brooklands Community Park and today we are off to Ham House. Safe to say Ellie will be going back to school for a rest!

Of course this also means the end of my time with Trixie 24/7. I am excited about it and so is she…. She keeps asking when she is going to preschool. I am sure the 15 hours I will have to myself will mean I can get quite a lot done whilst she isn’t around. But I would be lying if I didn’t say it made me quite sad after 3 years to be watching her go off and start spreading her wings.

Still enough moping. On with the Thursday Team Linky.

Thursday Team

Homemade Real Lemon Playdough

I really don’t like the smell of traditional play dough. It makes me feel sick. But the girls love playing with it. I am not afraid of a good craft or making something myself and this lemon play dough seems like a fantastic alternative to the shop bought stuff.

Shared Parental Leave: The Facts

This is such a useful post! I think a lot of the benefits we are all entitled to can feel like a minefield and this can be hugely off putting. But if you are thinking of taking shared parental leave, or know someone who is, then this is the post for you!

How to paint with ice

I loved this idea for painting with ice. It’s such a great and different idea, especially for all these rainy days at the moment! My eldest loves anything crafty so we will definitely be trying this.

Easter holidays, bank holiday vlog

I love a DITL video, I am secretly nosey! Loved this look into Teamstein Mummy’s easter and their holidays.




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