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Happy Thursday Campers.

We are now over half way through half term and thank goodness it is part of a short working week. Not to say I don;t love my children but they are pushing every last nerve I have this week. Safe to say you can really tell that we are in the midst of the final school term. I’m not sure that this week is going to be enough to reset them before going back to school but it’ll have to do for now.

Eco Update….

A little Eco update for you all incase you are worried 😉 I am making so many changes in the house even I am struggling to keep up. I vowed I wouldn’t take on too much at once but I am finding the deeper I go down the rabbit hole of eco friendly and waste reduction the harder it is to shop as I did before. The cleaning products have been an easy change and now I have been evaluating all the other plastic and waste in the house…..

Here are some simple changes to make to reduce your environmental footprint and to buy responsible produced cleaning products that are kind to us and our eco system. From reducing unnecessary and harmful chemicals to fair trade palm oil.

I will, of course, be writing all about it so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be the first to hear all about it. I have been updating my Pinterest to add some helpful eco tips and lots more healthy family recipes, so follow me there too if that all sounds up your street. And if you would like some unique tips open only to my email subscribers then CLICK HERE and sign up for monthly eco tips.

Seriously, if I had known about all of these products before I’d have changed over years ago! And as for cost, there is an initial expenditure but I can already calculate I am saving up to £20 a month on disposable beauty products. I have sat and done the full maths but I will. So far, the myth that eco living is more expensive is utter tripe and the more I adapt the more second nature it is becoming.

Thursday Team

Anyways… On with the linky as I am sure that is why you are all here.

My Featured Post

Looking At Things More Positively With The Great “What If?”

This post is right up my street. Not only is Kate taking some less than ideal moments in her life and making them a potential positive but What If? is my favourite question. Seriously…. What If? It is a question I ask myself regularly and I think it is the best starting point for some self reflection. And what if all we perceive is simply that? What we perceive?

Sarah’s Featured Post

Babymoon in Santorini

I loved this post with lots of useful tips about travelling to Santorini. It’s somewhere I have always wanted to go and the pictures are making me want to book a flight! One to read if you need some inspiration.


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