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Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Happy Thursday Campers.

How are well all?

If anyone could let me know how on earth it is the 11th January already I would be very grateful. We all got back to a normal routine this time last week which was hard but at least it was a gentle fall back to reality. I feel for all of those who got thrown in the deep end this Monday.

I am now well into my second week of Veganuary and I am actually loving it. I think I enjoy a challenge and it has certainly been that. But I feel healthier and more energetic and for someone who is always tired that is a big deal.

My Favourites

Our First Christmas As A Family Of Four

This was such an emotional read. It felt like such a privilege to be given a window into the world of adoption and the trials of the year that led to the first Christmas all together. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

My December Favourites

I loved this video by Clarke Life. I always enjoy a Favourites video as I quite like being a bit nosy. And there is the added bonus of finding new products. I suffer with dry hair too so this was well worth a watch.

Sarah’s Favourites

9 easy ways to save money this January

January is always a tight month so loved lots of these ideas to help save money. Something I haven’t ever done is change baby brands but it would definitely make sense for some of the more expensive products we use.

Growing up in a multicultural family. A mixture of two cultures: Raj’s story

I found this article so interesting and a really fascinating read. It follows the story of Raj who was born and raised in India, then moved with his parents and younger brother to the US at the age of 12, and then moved to Finland at the age of 24.




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