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Happy New Year and all that jazz. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas break. I have had over two weeks off and it feels really good to be back blogging and vlogging away but I hadn’t realised how much I needed the break. How about you? Did you take some time off or did you carry on as usual?

I am in the throws of Veganuary… I know I am crazy and I am cheating a little… Find out more on the video I linked below.

This Slasher Movie Dad Makes Me Scream

This post made me laugh from start to finish. I know the focus was on the father but all of the characters in this weekend sound like a depressing Hollywood cliche. Anyone who makes it through the movie from start to finish either deserves a medal of honour or perhaps a term in an institute to recover.

15 New Year Resolutions for Mums

I am not usually I resolution making type person but all of these ideas seemed simple and easy to instigate and stick to past January. Each one would also, quite likely, help the year go a little more smoothly and a little less shouty… No promises but it is worth a try.

Sarahs Favourites

Top 5 Christmas Movies

I loved this festive Christmas movies video from Charlotte. Christmas films are my absolute favourite and she’s made me want to watch them all over again!

Best Italian ski resorts

I am so desperate to take the girls skiing while they are young, so I really enjoyed this post from Kristie. In her opinion, the best ski resort is Bormio, which I have never heard of, but looks amazing – especially the surrounding areas. You’ve made me want to go!!




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