Thursday Team | Blog It Vlog It Linky | #13

Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Hello All!

Welcome back to Thursday Team… Or welcome if you are new.

If you don’t know what a linky is then I will try and explain. Each ‘Linky’ is hosted by a blogger (or two in this case) and it is a chance to add the link to your very own work for others to see and comment on. The full rules are listed below and adding your link couldn’t be easier… Honestly. Just click the “add your link” button below and the instructions are super simple.

The best thing about Thursday Team is that you can add two links and they can be blog posts or YouTube videos. Old or New!

Last week there were some fantastic links added and I have really struggled to choose my favourites.

My Favourites

Defined by Motherhood: Mama, But Still Me

This post by Aleena really resonated with me. I have felt defined by motherhood in the past but I soon realised that that does myself a disservice. Yes, I am a mum. And proud to be. But I am so much more than that too. Always have been and always will be.

Bilingual Children – Week #2

I find it so fascinating how children are able to pick up two languages simultaneously and know that each is different with different structures. For any parent bringing up bilingual children Kristie is the woman to know.

Sarah’s Favourites

Coping with my children’s sleep issues

If you have a little one that isn’t sleeping well, read this! Those that follow me may know we are struggling with Evie’s sleep so I could relate to all of this post. It’s so hard when little ones don’t sleep well, being tired is so hard, but it does pass, it did with Amelie, I’m just waiting for the day with Evie!

Why every mum needs that special anchor friend

I loved this, it really is something that felt very true for me. I have an anchor friend and she definitely reminds me of what I was like before I became a mum, but she is also a Mum now too so we still have lots in common. I don’t see her all the time, but I love our catch ups, they are so important!



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