Thursday Team | Blog It Vlog It Linky | #15

Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Welcome back to another week of Thursday Team.

How has everyone been this week? We are in the throws of moving. The official moving day isn’t for about a month but I have already started packing. So am I totally insane or an organisational goddess?

My Favourites

Baby News: To Share Socially Or Not

I loved this post by From Tum to Mum because it mirrored my own approach to social media whilst pregnant. As with all things there is rarely a right or wrong way to do things but just because what seems like everyone  else is sharing their pregnancy journey online it doesn’t mean yo have to too.

Children’s book we’ve loved in January

Books are brilliant for language development in children. We read to the girls every night at bedtime and sometimes during the day too. Like most children they like to have the same story over and over so it is always nice to get new recommendations for books to try and mix it up. I haven’t actually seen any of these books before so I was very excited to read about them all.

Sarah’s Favourites

What to do when your baby won’t sleep

I loved this post, it really made me giggle. My 1st didn’t sleep, so I knew many of these – especially the floorboards. I am an absolute pro at avoiding squeaky floorboards in our house now!

Chocolate Fondue recipe

If you’re looking for a yummy Valentine’s Day recipe, look no further – Kate has the perfect one here…




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