Happy Thursday lovelies.

How is half term going for you all? Both myself and Trixie have been fighting of colds so we have been a tired household in general but it has been a lovely break from the school run routine.

We are moving in a couple of weeks so it has also given me the chance to do a huge amount of packing. Of course this means we now feel like we are living in a shell but it will be worth it in the end. I do love to be organised!

My Favourites

The responsibility of parenting

I am a huge believer of encouraging children to take responsibility and to help them flourish into independent young people. My Mother-in-law did this with her children and my husband is now very handy around the house when I need him to be. I will be forever grateful to her. Of course I am way off the teenage years so I am in a lovely sense of denial that I don’t need to think beyond school just yet…. But I know this will soon fly by.

Mum Contract

This is a very accurate portrayal of what being a parent is. I often wonder if I had known all of this before would I have been in such a rush to become a mum… Of course I would have and I wouldn’t really change any of it…. Well, not all of it anyway. This contract should come in the small print of all pregnancy tests or midwife notes.

Sarah’s Favourites

Take a walk on the mild side Dad

I really enjoyed this post, it was food for thought. I hadn’t really thought about what super power I would have if I had one, but I loved the suggestion of instant hindsight and I too would love instant hindsight. I hate the hindsight that you have and then dwell upon for days – instant would be much easier!

What do you do?

A very honest and moving post from Kate about the question ‘what do you do’? Well worth a read with some great advice including ‘at times you have to feel the fear, and do it anyway’



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