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Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Well that is half term over and done with! I am not sure how. It has occurred to me that this is the last half term I have with Trixie before she starts preschool. She may only be going for 15 hours a week but I am not going to know what to do with all my free time. I worked after having Ellie and so she attended nursery from 10 months old, however, we never needed that with Trixie. Not that I am worried about her settling in at all, in fact I think I will struggle to make her come back home with me.

On with the Linky

1 Step Closer …

This was such a touching post by Kate from Muddled Mother. To read all about her journey and how she is trying to help raise money for such a wonderful cause was so inspiring. I love to see people making the best out of a dark situation and doing something positive. Plus there is a link to sponsor her run…. So go and check it out.

What You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression Groups

Postpartum depression is such an important topic to talk about. This post is full of helpful advice from self help tips and where to find professional help, and of course the groups. PND is nothing to be ashamed of but sometimes we just need a little point in the right direction to get on the road to recovery.

Date night alternatives

I loved this post from Welsh Mum Writing. It can be so hard to ‘get out’ for date nights so there are some really good ideas here for alternatives.

9 ways to keep the love alive

Another ‘love’ post in my favourites this week. I thought this post from Morgan had so much good advice on how to keep the love alive in a relationship from having no technology at times, taking an interest in each other’s hobbies and spending time together. Some of it sounds obvious, but when I thought more about some of them I realised I need to do them more!


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