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Morning Campers!

How are you all? That week went really fast. We are now most of the way through half term and it has actually been pretty lovely so far. We spent a few days at my mums and have enjoyed a couple of play dates. The only downsides have been the 7 hour car journey it took for us to get to my Mums (twice the time it should take) thanks to a part of the M4 being closed. And the fact that both me and Hubby are fighting off serious colds.

On with the Linky

This linky is designed for both bloggers and YouTubers. Anything goes as a subject matter. You don’t have to both blog and vlog. Just one or the other is fine.

Sarah and I will be showcasing our favourite posts/videos from the week before. Please feel free to check these out and give them some extra love as they are worth the time.

My Favourites

First up is a video by Mummy Bubble about Parent Sleep Deprivation. Vicky’s depiction of all the stages of sleep deprivation had me in stitches. It is so true it hurts.

Second up we have Stress Free Parenting by Mummy Mama Mum. I think most of us are guilty of stressing the small stuff. Aleena outlines why it is time to relax and stop doing everything.

Sarah’s Favourites

I loved this post from Tales from Mama Ville about the inventions she is thankful for as a Mum. I could relate to every single one of them and it made me appreciate how technology can make parenting easier at times!

I also really enjoyed the review of the worry plaque from Honest Motherhood. It’s something I had never heard of, but something I can see would be so useful for little ones.




    1. Thanks hun, and you are welcome! Still feel like we are finding our feet but I hope it works. It will be nice to merge the blogging and vlogging worlds together a bit x

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