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Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky


Another week already? I posted on Instagram yesterday about being unsure if this week was going quickly or slowly… We I have decided it is going quickly.

This week has actually been a really good one in the Winnettes household. We spend Saturday in Brighton, which is always a fun day out. The on Tuesday I finally got rid of the playroom! It is officially a dining room again. I have been thinking of doing it for a long time now. The amount the girls actually used the playroom was really reducing and they don’t need such intense supervision anymore so I decided it was time to move on and teach them a little independence my playing upstairs. After an initial tantrum from Ellie about the changes both the girls are loving it.

My Favourites

This week I have chose 2 blog posts because they were so powerful to read how could I not feature them?

Digital Detox for Parents

This post by Elephant Mum really got me thinking. I am so guilty of over using technology, I guess there is a fine line between embracing it and allowing it to take over your lives. The only detox I ever take are on holidays once a year but after reading this I think a tech detox may be exactly what I need.

Why Boredom is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child

I am a huge believer that boredom is important for children. Everything Emma has written in this post reflects my own opinion. Imagination isn’t formed by someone else tell you how to play. Boredom is a fundamental part of a child’s brain development. If you ever feel guilty that maybe you don’t play with your kids enough then have a read of this!

Sarahs Favourites

10 Best Children’s Books About Feelings

I loved this post as it had some great suggestions for books that would help our children understand their feelings. Amelie at three is definitely starting to realise she has feelings and often tells me she is sad or scared, so having a book which can guide us both through these feelings is such a good idea.

Coping With Prolonged Sleep Progression

I loved this chatty, honest vlog from Bridget. We had similar sleep issues with Amelie and I wished I had found a video like this at the time.



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