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Morning Campers!

Another week done. Normally I would lament the time speeding by so fast but at this time of year I love it because it is one week closer to Christmas! Oh yeah!

I received a mini Christmas tree this week. It is so pretty decorated in little twinkly lights and gold and red baubles. Scrooge McWinnettes (Hubby) is not impressed that I have bought Christmas into the house in November, but the girls and I are loving it!


This Weeks Favourites

My Favourites

Mumspeak #6: Sharenting: Should it stop?

This post by Tales from Mamaville really got me thinking. Do we over share and where are our own boundaries. There are also some interesting perspectives from other parenting bloggers.

A Gift Guide With a Difference

I love a good gift guide, especially at this time of year. And this guide by From Tum to Mum certainly is one with a difference. All the ideas are good ideas and I could think of at least one person I knew that would like each suggestion.

Sarahs Favourites

5 stages of toddler meltdown, how to stay sane at home

I loved this post and it really resonated with me as I am now a work from home Mum and do find that I don’t have the chance to escape and let my stress levels/patience levels return to normal! I have many ‘write off the whole days’ at the moment so I am quite glad I am not alone.

My child has type 1 diabetes

Kristie’s post is really worth a read. She has had a tough few months since her daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Kristie has been so positive and I know has done a lot of research of how to help her daughter, so well done Kristie for writing this I know it can’t have been easy.



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