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Hello There!

How is everyone this week… Dare I say how close to Christmas we are? I won’t mostly because it will also send me into a panic. I finally started the Christmas shopping last weekend, but by that I mean I bough ONE present. Not exactly breaking the back of it, is it? I really must get on with it. I hate doing things last minute but I seem to always do this at Christmas.

Anyway… On with the Linky.

My Favourites

Just a Woman or a Mum? You are far more than that!

This post by Kate is inspirational. She illustrates the journey from feeling inadequate to being able to put those negative thoughts to bed and to realise the strength we all have inside of us.

Huge Poundland Christmas Haul / Elf on the Shelf Haul

I really enjoyed this video by Charlotte of Team Stein. I did Elf on the Shelf last year and it was lots of fun. I have been so disorganised this year I wasn’t going to bother but I feel inspired to go for it anyway.

Sarahs Favourites

What I am binge watching on Netflix

I loved this video from Vicky. I am always after good series to watch when the girls have gone to bed, so it’s great to have some inspiration.

Tales from a teacher: The Nativity Play

I loved this post with the insight into ‘behind the scenes’ at a nativity play from a teachers point of view. Watching Amelie the other week, even though she didn’t say her lines was my proudest moment! It’s a lovely occasion.




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