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Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

EEEEEK! Only 2 weeks left of school before Ellie breaks up for Christmas! I should probably seriously think about getting organised.

I have said before I will probably say it 100 times more but thank you so much to all of you who link up. Your support is really appreciated.

I shall stop waffling there as I am already feeling emotional having just watched Ellie sing and dance in her first ever nativity play and I’ll be gushing if I keep going.

Favourites from last week

My Favourites

Italian Christmas Panettone & Pandoro

I have to say I have never heard of Pandoro before and I feel like I have been missing out. I am not the biggest fan of panettone but this sounds like the perfect alternative. And it has been making me hungry since I first saw it.

Home Bargains and B & M Christmas Decorations + Present Haul!

I really want to change our decorations this year and this video has made me even more eager to make a few purchases (that I really don’t need). The ceramic baubles at the end are absolutely beautiful!

Sarah’s Favourites

Period Poverty and How You Can Help

I loved this post from Kate on Thin Ice which highlights something we probably know, but don’t ever think about, period poverty. It’s a real problem for some women and shouldn’t be, periods are hard enough without the worry that you can’t afford sanitary products so thank you Kate for sharing this. There is a link to sign the #freeperiods campaign in the article. I will be signing, will you?

Letters to Ettie {17 months}

I love these letters and wish I had written something similar to my girls as they will be something lovely to look back in the years to come, especially when they are at an age where they develop so much. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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