Thursday Team | Blog It Vlog It Linky | #9

Thursday Team Blog It Vlog It Linky

Hellllo Linkers! Welcome back or welcome to any new visitors, it is an absolute pleasure to have each and every one of you here!

This week is going to be our last link up until the new year. We won’t usually pause the linky over the school holidays but both myself and Sarah felt that Christmas was slightly different and a hugely stressful time anyway without adding to the work load.

We will be back on Thursday 4th January with the next link up all fresh faced and ready to comment on all of your lovely content… Ok, it is likely I will still have the hint of a Christmas hangover 😉

But for our final week……

My Favourites

Baby Safe Christmas Decor

I love this post and could have done with a few of these ideas a couple of years ago. Trix loves to touch everything she sees so of course nothing is safe at Christmas. These baby safe ideas are borderline genius!

Why the Basques don’t need Santa Claus

I have always found different traditions so interesting. Why people have them, where they stem from. So I was fascinated to learn more about this tradition…. I had never heard of this before.

Sarah’s Favourites

How to make more me time as a Mum 

I loved this post, it was really thought provoking and summed up what I’ve been thinking recently, but haven’t really articulated! Well worth a read.

7 ways to get over depression

Thank you to Kate for sharing her story which has some great advice on how to help yourself when you have depression. Another must read post from Thursday Team this week.




  1. Thanks for hosting and really appreciate being featured too. I love how so many bloggers are taking a break on things over the holidays and well-deserved too!! #TheBlogItVlogItLinky

    1. You are welcome. I didn’t take a break last year as I was worried about stats and things (you know the things we all worry about but that don’t really matter) and I realised no one was around anyway so my efforts were futile. I think most people enjoy a little more family time at Christmas and that is just how it should be x

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