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Hi All,

Welcome/welcome back….. So as I am British please forgive me but… Who had snow? Are you pleased or would you like it to go away and bring back Spring?

I am quite happy about the situation although I do love the snow. Personally I would love to live somewhere with four proper seasons. If I have a snowy cold winter I find the hot summers much easier to deal with, and visa versa.


On with the linky…..

Happiness – Monday Motivation 2018 #8

Since ‘Positivity‘ is my word of the year this year, I loved this post. It is so easy to focus on the negatives but I find that concentrating on the things that make us happy, no matter how small, can really lift my mood and helps me get through the bad times much quicker. Nicola has found 10 wonderful things that have made her happy and it is a lovely read.

8 Things To Do With Lots of Links

This isn’t actually a post about blog links (I think I may need a writing break as that is clearly where my head is at!) Instead this is a genius post about all the things you can do with little plastic links that all of us parents know and begrudgingly love. If I had known of all the uses for these little links I’d have appreciated them so much more.

Ways to encourage outdoor play in cold weather

Struggling to amuse the little ones this week then read this post for some fantastic outdoor play ideas, even when it’s cold!

Make every moment count

Families online have launched a campaign called Every Moment Counts, in an effort to bring families together and treasure those ‘special moments’. I think this is such a good idea for a campaign and loved this post from Kate with some of her moments and pictures to go with them.


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