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As a content creator on here, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest… (you get the point) I am always on the look out for things that can revolutionise what I do and help me earn a few extra pounds whilst I do it. Most people have heard of the above platforms and I bet you have heard of Netflix too. So what about a service that allows you to create your own version of Netflix? Wouldn’t that be cool? Are you still unsure or a little confused? I was too but then I had a really good look into Uscreen and now I am unbelievably excited to share it with you. At first I was unsure how this would really be of interest to any of my readers but bare with me… I will try and explain it as best I can and then hopefully you will see why I am genuinely excited about this platform.


A Little Bit About Uscreen

Uscreen markets themselves as network for you to make money from your videos. If you are on YouTube then the new rules about monetisation will not have escaped your notice. This will be unlike to effect the bigger channels but wouldn’t it be great if you could optimise the money you make from YouTube? For the income to not just be based on advertising?

Uscreen is a white label platform which simply means it is 100% customisable by you and it won’t have Uscreen branding all over it (like YouTube does), you can even use your own domain name. Plus you don’t have to upload videos only. You can include images and written guides that compliment your content.

And if all of that isn’t good enough: you can make a native app so people can watch your videos on the go at their own convenience.

I don’t want to bombard you with too much information before I explain how this can work for you. So all of the above sounds great but it doesn’t necessarily explain why you would use the service.

Why Use Uscreen?

If you are already creating content for YouTube and you already have an engaged audience then it is probably because you have something that you offer them, something they enjoy. Perhaps this audience would pay you for your content?

I upload family videos. People are unlikely to pay me to watch these as they are more about the memories. However, I also making baking videos. To make it watchable by my usual audience I bake with my children which is also something I feel very passionate about. To convert this into content that people would likely be happy to pay for I could create a whole series on “Baking with Children”. I would include how to teach them the basics, how to make things as stress free as possible and fun for both parents and children. Within the series I could include basic recipes that are easy for novice bakers; this could be in video form or a written guide.

I could upload all of this to YouTube of course, but this will be me giving up my knowledge for free. Some knowledge will be given for free to hook people in and to get them excited about what they can learn from you. Excited enough to pay you for your content.

Uscreen charges you one flat rate which depends on which package you choose. But that is it. No commission and no further charges regardless of how popular your channel becomes. And this cost includes 24/7 support.

Making The Money

With Uscreen there are a few ways you can make money. You can offer your viewers a monthly subscription, one off payments for a video or you can add advertising to create revenue that way.

Once your viewer has signed up, you can customise how your Uscreen account allows access the content. Have you created a week long course on creating great photoshopped images? These videos can be drip fed out in the order you decide once someone has subscribed. Or you can decided that they can have access to all the videos at once. It is completely up to you and how you think your content would translate best.

You would continue to upload videos to YouTube as normal. Perhaps you create make-up or hair tutorials? Upload your normal content but then entice people to sign up to your Uscreen page for even more exclusive content. Stuff you can’t find on YouTube. All the things that set you apart from everyone else.

I myself have taken part in 30 day exercise challenges that I have found on YouTube. That type of content would work brilliantly on Uscreen and could earn the creator a lot more money than YouTube monetisation alone.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Don’t sell yourself short. We all love creating great content but sometimes we deserved to be paid for the knowledge we are sharing. This isn’t just for educational type videos though. There are comedy channels that use Uscreen too. Some content can be found on YouTube but for their huge fans who want to get exclusive episodes they can subscribe to their Uscreen. At first I wasn’t sure how this could work for someone like me. But after reading all about what they offer and watching some reviews over on YouTube I quickly learnt that this is a seriously exciting platform that will revolutionise how people create content and how we can earn money for what we do best.


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