Creating a Romantic Valentines Evening for Parents

It really is no myth that when you become a parent you can’t just go out when ever you feel like it. Not everyone has babysitters at close hand. Some people don’t live close to family that can help out and sit with the children. Romance can diminish or change into something unrecognisable once children come along. However romance is romance and it is a vital part of a relationship.


The trick for getting romance right is to understand that everyone has a different idea of what romance is. With the knowledge of what the other person considers romantic you can totally rock the relationship. For example I don’t find perfume a very romantic gift. It is something I have always bought for myself and always saw my mum do the same. However my husband has been bought up knowing that perfume is a romantic gift to give. It took me a while to appreciate this but now when he does come home with a new bottle of perfume I neither needed or really wanted I know that it comes from a place of love and affection and therefore I love it.

Creating a Romantic Valentines Evening for Parents doesn't need to be expensive. These are some cheap ideas to create a romantic date night for parents and other couples whilst staying at home.

The flip side of this is that he now knows I don’t find perfume very romantic. So now he is much more likely to buy me a bunch of flowers or family bag of giant white chocolate buttons. So my point is romance comes in many forms for many different people. But when you become parents it is important to make the effort to keep the romance alive if you want to rememeber why you chose to have children together in the first place.

Date Nights

I have written about date nights before where I highlight that you don’t have to go out to have a date night. Your time together is as special as you want it to be. I have always been a fan of eating out in pubs and restaurants, evening after evening watching the latest releases in the cinema with a huge box of popcorn and nights spent dancing and laughing until the small hours. But the reality these days is that a meal in a restaurant takes place before 5pm and with the constant need to supervise small people, I haven’t been to the cinema in at least a year and the last time I went I went with Ellie and not Hubby and the last time I danced into the small hours I had a two day hangover and had to endure been jumped on, prodded and poked.

Creating a Romantic Valentines Evening for Parents doesn't need to be expensive. These are some cheap ideas to create a romantic date night for parents and other couples whilst staying at home.

Creating a Romantic Valentines Evening for Parents

Depending on how much of a party animal you once were this can be a tough pill to swallow but realistically staying in is the new going out. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though. There are plenty of ways you can make a Valentines Day Date special even if you do stay at home.

  • Light candles. Lots of Candles.
  • Dim the lights and turn the TV off. Instead play some music (think more Buble/Sheeran here, not the latest garage dubstep.)
  • Buy special food, your favourite dinner, something you wouldn’t usually have such as a good steak.
  • Get dressed up as if you are going out. Do your hair and make up. This goes for men too. Your comfy joggers are not good enough for date night.
  • Bring home chocolates or flowers or even a copy of their favourite magazine they never buy themselves.
  • After dinner run your partner a bubble bath with some candles and pour a glass of bubbly…. Or preferred tipple.
  • Sit together.
  • Hold hands.
  • Talk to each other and take the time to genuinely listen.
  • The kids will wake up… It’s what they do best. But instead of getting frustrated just deal with it and then carry on as if nothing happened.
  • Don’t be afraid to move Valentines day. If it falls on a Wednesday but you have back to back meetings that day and the school run needs to be done first thing the next day, then move Valentines day to a more convenient evening.

Creating a Romantic Valentines Evening for Parents doesn't need to be expensive. These are some cheap ideas to create a romantic date night for parents and other couples whilst staying at home.

Romance Needs Work

Romance takes work from both partners. But if you can put in the effort the rewards will speak for themselves… And no I don’t mean that! Love doesn’t last without effort or without the will to be loved. Romantic gestures don’t need to be hugely extravagant or expensive and often the most romanic gestures are the smallest tokens of consideration for the happiness of another person.


  1. That’s so so true, I work day time mon- Fri my partner works evenings 5/6 nights a week so ‘us’ time is rare. We try to get a few nights away during the year but it’s hard, and now romantic gestures are things like him cooking a family meal to save me doing it after work, it means alot to have that breathing space between work and full on house/ children duties to take a bath etc, maybe not romantic but it means more than a bunch of flowers would.

    1. I think that is very romantic. Sadly Hollywood has skewed our idea of what romance is, so I think it is important to recognise the little things that come from a thoughtful partner that loves you. X x x

  2. I loved this post. We have very little help with childcare so since Small Boy was born two years ago, we have pretty much said goodbye to an evening social life. We try to find other ways to create time together, albeit we are pretty tired much of the time as we both work too. I’m all for “alternatives” to the traditional date night and valentines night. I love the fact that my husband will bring me back a bar of my favourite chocolate when he goes to the shop, or picks up some fancy tea leaves from a market if he sees one. It’s the small gestures that make the difference, whether that’s making time together to watch a film after little one is in bed, or turning the TV off and making time for a chat.

  3. Love this Kirsty; chocolate button are way more romantic than perfume in my eyes too haha! I’m really bad at showing my softer side, and we usually ignore Valentine’s Day, but maybe this year I’ll surprise him.. #ThursdayTeam

  4. This is so true. You have to find a different way to spend time together. Dressing up even though you’re staying in is a great idea! Otherwise it can feel like any other night. x #ThursdayTeam

    1. Yeah exactly. We often get into our pj’s once the girls are in bed so not doing that or making an effort goes a long way x

  5. It’s easy to neglect each other once you’ve had kids, these are some lovely ideas. Although I’m rubbish at romance – I’m happy with a big bar of chocolate and him offering me a cuppa. That’s about the extent of it… although I always love a big bunch of flowers! #ThursdayTeam

    1. I’m rubbish at romance too. I like to write these sorts of posts occasionally to remind myself of what true romance is… It doesn’t come naturally 😉

  6. Very important post. I think we neglected our relationship so much in the parenting mix so looked elsewhere for entertainment. Recently we are going out as a couple and the positive impact on our relationship is amazing and very welcome indeed. #BlogItVlogIt

    1. That is lovely to hear. It is so easy to loose each other but remembering the little things can reignite the fire that was there in the first place x

  7. SO important to keep the spark alive, especially after kids when you’re too knackered and couldn’t be bothered. Not just on V-day, but as often as you can. Even with little gestures that say you care and haven’t forgotten your other half in the mayhem of daily routine.

    1. I hope you find it useful. It is hard when there is no regular childcare but that doesn’t mean romance needs to end x

  8. Totally agree that romance means different things to different people. Never really thought of it like that, though. I remember my bloke buying me a set of wine glasses (and not very special wine glasses) for our first Christmas together. He thought I’d love them and I remember being very disappointed! Love your simple, practical ideas for a date night at home – especially recognising that the kids WILL wake up but to take it in your stride!

    1. I know what you mean about the wine glasses, I would have been the same. It has taken a lot of brain training for me to see the other side of some gifts and to see that actually genuine thought went into it x x x

  9. Such a great post! My partner and I don’t have kids but we’re both business owners which can often feel like we have children. Once we get home we’re so tuckered out we always just switch straight to PJs and loaf out. Love the idea of getting dressed up for a night in.

    Katie xoxo

    1. I can imagine you really must be exhausted. I’m glad you could relate to this, life does have such a nasty habit of getting in the way of the important things x

  10. Indeed every person has his/her own meaning of what is romantic or not. Some acts maybe romantic to others but some may not see it as it is. I guess it is just how to persons understands each other if they are in the relationship. It really takes time and effort to work as well. Both should build quality times for each other.

    1. Definitely and as hard as it is each person needs to try and see the world through their partners eyes, at least once in a while x

  11. This is lovely and so true. Sometimes just the smallest thing can mean a lot . The ol Valentine’s day doesn’t mean the same when you’ve s young family , a cup of tea can go a long way. I love your suggestions , we will probably cook a meal together for ourselves while the kids are finally asleep !

  12. I’m single now but one of my exes used to ask me to text to say I was on my way home so he knew when to expect me-and when I walked in the door there was always a cup of tea ready. Small things like that, for me, are a big deal.

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