Vremi Baking Cups and Apple Slicer Review & Giveaway

Vremi baking cups

As all my regular readers will know baking is my life’s passion. If I have the chance to bake then I will. It is how I relax and unwind after a stressful week. There aren’t many things I won’t try to bake but I always love going back to basics. I am so excited to be reviewing and hosting a giveaway for the Vremi Baking Cups and Apple Slicer.

The thing with baking and cooking in general is everything need prepping. I think you are either a chopper or a cook. I don’t like chopping. It is a combination of not enjoying it (unless I am cutting up avocado which is oddly satisfying) and a bit of being paranoid I am going to chop a finger. Anything that can help me with this is a winner in my books.

Vremi Apple Slicer

The Vremi apple slicer comes with three attachments; one for apples, one for mangos and one which I have been using to cube cheese and fruit. Each attachment is easily interchangeable with the handle and also extremely secure when in place. Which is good because the blades are all very very sharp. The handle piece itself is sturdy and all of it is dishwasher proof which brilliant. When I first used the apple slicer attachment I was amazed how effective it was. I can’t believe how many years I have been faffing around using a regular knife to chop up apple for the girls.

Vremi apple slicer Vremi apple slicer Vremi apple slicer

Vremi Baking Cups

I am in love with these baking cups. Quite frankly what is not to love? Because they are made from silicon they are reusable, they withstand high temperatures in the oven over and over again and they are dishwasher proof. Their bright colours are really appealing, especially to the children. To give them a really good try I decided to make some brownie cups. The silicon baking cups worked perfectly. They even seemed to help create a more even bake than normal which is brilliant, especially for someone like me who is always trying to get the ‘perfect’ bake.

Vremi baking cups

Once I had finished using them for baking…. and once all the delicious brownie cakes were eaten (which wasn’t long) I used the appealing bright colours to my advantage. Using the slicer tool I chopped up some fruit and portioned it out into the baking cups and served it as a snack to the girls! Major mum hack going on. Not only were the cups the perfect portion size but the slicer made the prep really quick and easy, plus the colours of the cups helped the girls get excited over a little fruit. Usually I have to battle to get them to eat fruit instead of biscuits but now they are asking for it.

Vremi baking cups


Over all I am seriously impressed with both these products. They both get used daily, which is more than I thought they would. The durability and the fact that they can both be cleaned in the dishwasher is a huge bonus for me. As a mum I am always trying to keep things quick and simple; anything that can help me achieve this is always a welcome addition in my home. So I am very excited to be hosting a giveaway for he Vremi Silicone Baking Cups and Apple Slicer so that all my readers have a change to get their hands on these brilliant products.

*I was given the silicone baking cups and the apple slicer and in return I was asked to review them and host a giveaway. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Win the Vremi Silicone Baking Cups and Apple Slicer #2


  1. Love this review because it actually tells you what you need to know which is not always the case on some blogger review. I remain to be convinced of silicon for baking but that’s just me but I do love the colours and your trick. Could really fancy the slicer thing though – popping her from your linky

    1. Thank you, I do try and write it from the perspective of what I wanted to know about something. I used to be unconvinced by silicone for baking but now I do it so often I actually have quite a few silicone items…. macaron mats, cake moulds, icing mould…. Actually now I think about it I have an awful lot 😉

  2. I love our Apple slicer, we literally use it every day! I love the fact that his one had different attachments, and I’m kind of dreaming of perfectly cubed cheese haha!! #ThursdayTeam

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