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I am taking a little detour from my usual Netflix Recommendations. I know I usually watch Netflix exclusively but recently I have been indulging in programs outside of the Black and Red logo. I know. I’m a total traitor. But I couldn’t help myself. The truth is these other programs have really pulled me in, and as I also pay for these services it is about time I used them. So Prime Video and Sky Go have been getting a good outing these past couple of months. As has BBC iPlayer which is really not something that happens often.

Some of these can be found on Netflix but not all. I will indicate where I watched them so you know where to head to if you think you would like them also.

Making A Murderer Season 2

What can I say other than “Wow”. I was pretty convinced by the innocence of both parties in Season 1. Then I listened to a few Crime podcasts, saw various videos and stories not seen in the documentary, many of which really changed my mind about Steven Avery and I felt that maybe he should be in jail despite some of the very strange coincidences with the evidence. The trouble I have is I don’t really believe in coincidences. One? Maybe. But anymore and I feel there is usually something else going on. 

Well, whatever you thought about his innocence before you really need to see what his new post defence lawyer has found. Kathleen Zellner is not a woman to mince her words or to defend guilty people, by her own reckoning. This is a woman who discovered one of her past clients was not only guilty but was in fact guilty of more murders than even the police knew. She got him to confess to all of them and brought many families the closure they needed. She has even managed to get a key witness in a past case to admit he lied in court and confess to the murder himself. I would not want to cross this woman in her fight for rightful justice.

Would you?

She is what makes this second season such compelling viewing. Her search for the truth is relentless and she really does leave no stone unturned.

*Season 1 & 2 Available on Netflix. 

Killing Eve

This is one of the best things I have watched lately. And I honestly can’t believe I am saying that as I found it on the Beeb. Sorry BBC but you are usually so dull.

This follows the story of a female assassin and the people in the office of national security trying to find her. Villiaine, the assassin, is cold, calculating and absolutely enthralling to watch. Everything about her is wonderful. Then there is Eve, the woman who is hunting her down. Equally enticing to watch but for very different reasons.

The story twists and turns throughout Europe and the relationships of all the characters are tested beyond repair. You can trust no one except the one person you really shouldn’t be able to trust. Just don’t call her a psychopath.

*Available on BBC iPlayer

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I have only just started this series and I am hooked! This is definitely going to be my new obsession.

It is dark, twisted and so far removed from the Sabrina I grew up loving. But then that is the best thing about it. Mellisa Joan Harts Sabrina has had it’s time and now her fans are all grown up. This is the grown up version we all needed.

I can’t wait to see where this series goes.

*Available on Netflix

The Purge

This is another one I am only part way through as there is an episode released each week. Had I realised that I may have waited until they were all out but then again maybe it is good I can only watch one episode a week as this is not for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition. 

The Purge follows various characters during The Purge Holiday. A 12 hour period over night where law stands still and carnage is allowed to ensue. People are permitted to Purge, whatever that may mean for them. Nothing is off limits and whilst some people opt to Purge others try to hide away and keep themselves safe. Or so they hope.

This series is honestly brilliant but even I am a nervous wreck by the time I have finished the episode.

*Available on Amazon Prime

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season 8

I get so excited every time I remember it is nearly time for the new season of American Horror Story to be released and I had heard rumours that this season was going to see a few exciting criss crosses from other seasons. I can assure you it doesn’t disappoint. 

The basic synopsis is that all the powers of the world have finally pushed their Big Red Buttons and the world is in a complete state of Nuclear Fallout. It is the Apocalypse. Scary no? Well let me assure you that is the least of the worlds worries when characters from Season 1 Murder House appear and the Coven from season 3 are back in full force.

This complete series may not be for the faint hearted but I assure you the way each separate season weaves into the others is compelling and will keep your eyes glued and your jaw dropped. I do not have all the character analysis or season plots outlined because I have been too busy gawping. Maybe one day my inner media studies student will reappear but for now I have a new episode to watch and I am too deeply involved to notice the extra things. 

And for all major geeky fans out there, or those who are confused by the seasons connections, I have also linked a video below which explains it all perfectly.

*Available on Sky

This Is Us

Ok, I am sorry. With all that doom and gloom (albeit seriously gripping doom and gloom) I felt it may be a good idea to finish off with one of the nicest series ever made. Now on, and nearly finishing, it’s second series this is genuinely one of the most heart warming programs ever made. It may even fill me with more joy than Gilmore Girls did, and seriously, Lorelei Gilmore is my spirit animal.

This Is Us follows the trials and tribulations of one family as life throws plenty of obstacles their way, the optimism and energy that they all conquer their hurdles is inspiring and only those with a true heart of ice would be able to hold back the tears. Oh yes, even me. I may have cried. Just a little you understand…..

Now *cough* where is *cough* American Horror Story?

*Season 1 available on Amazon Prime Video. Season 2 available for purchase.

What are you watching?

What have you all been watching? Have you seen these? What did you think? If you are still stuck for what to watch this winter and some of these don’t appeal then don’t forget to check out all my other posts with Netflix recommendations:

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Also be warned I am behind with these round ups and I already have another one planned. Basically I watch too much TV but I just don’t care 😉

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